Specialty Tea Institute

Tea Rhythm in a Coffee Nation

Processing, brewing, tasting, flavor profiles, popular blends and caffeine buzz: words that are not reserved for coffee but describe the art of tea as well. In this coffee saturated society, tea is often viewed as the beverage of the sick or english. Tea has more variety in flavor, the brewing process can be just as therapeutic, and it's culinary potential could fill a whole new shelf at Barnes and Nobles. Tea's caffeine acts different, that's a scientific fact. It comes paired with an amino acid called L-theanine that has been described as a "focusing agent" and has a "calming effect". Luckily, we have STI, the Specialty Tea Institute, which has big to-do with the fast growing demand for tea here in America and education of tea to the people.

Drink up 'merica, your new addiction awaits!


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