"I have been delivering magical creations to clients, or teaching them how to deliver their own, for over a decade. I am inspired by honest people, simple products, and culture projects."

-Lindsey R. Miller




I'm based in Redmond, Washington, and love being creatively connected to my community. I've dedicated a few weekends every month to helping King County residents meet their creative needs. I teach photography at Youth in Focus, and privately to individuals, photograph family portraits, headshots, and products, and help local businesses understand how marketing can help their revenue goals.

Lindsey Miller Photo

  • From a very early age, I was drawing, painting, and collaging at after-school programs and workshops, and entering community art shows. 

  • 1998 - My first photographic experience was building a pinhole camera for the science fair. I failed that project, but it sparked something within me that is still burning.  

  • 2001 - I learned the art and techniques of photography by shooting film and printing in a darkroom. I figured out how to make those pinhole images permanent.   

  • 2004 - This was my first year earning money from my creations: a color print photograph of a Venice alleyway and a published essay about the word 'pestilence' from Albert Camus' novel, The Plague

  • 2008 - After receiving my BFA, I assisted a digital printing studio for gallery artists and digitized a visual resource library for my school. My time in NYC is where I learned the art of branding and its influence on commerce. I started teaching photography to Young at Heart communities. 

  • 2010 - After receiving my graduate degree, I started a business supporting marketing departments with content creation. While working on projects for UTArlington's business development arm, a few new creative loves blossomed, including educational campaigns and event marketing.

  • 2013 - Consulting for the marketing departments of Four Seasons, Yum! Brands, and the Department of HUD minimized my time creating content and grew my love for strategizing messages through various channels. In addition, I learned a new skill, marketing inventory and analyzing ROIs. selfportraitselfies "self portrait selfies" "self portrait" selfiesAsymmetry  

  • 2016 - My client base started becoming more B2B and heavy industry-focused. I decided to take online classes to mature my skills in both. 

  • 2018 - I took a year-long break from photography. I wouldn't even take my camera on my travels. I had spent so much time behind the camera, I wanted to live my life without it for a while. The first subject I photographed after this hiatus was my finger monsters. 

  • 2020 - While continuing on my B2B digital transformation marketing path for heavy industries, I upskilled myself with Master of Communication courses concentrated on modern methods of storytelling with data. 

  • 2021+ - I focus on balancing my time and energy; part work, part art, part teaching, and part rest.  



Let's get creative!

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