I teach photography privately to individuals and at Youth in Focus, and I work on my own personal series of photography. These activities are my hobbies and passion projects outside of my marketing career. 


  • 1998 - My first photographic experience was building a pinhole camera for the 6th-grade science fair. The images faded away before I presented my project. I received an F grade, but it sparked a curiosity within me that is still burning.  

  • 2001 - In high school, I learned the science of photography with film and darkroom work. I figured out how to make those pinhole images permanent. I photographed with a Canon Elan 7N and always had my 50mm lens on.

  • 2004 - I was in deep with photography, it even superseded my love of painting. This was the first year that I earned money from my art: a color print photograph of a Venice alleyway and a BW print of a New Orleans window display. I used my photography portfolio to get into art school.   

  • 2008 - I obtained such a versatile number of credits in photography, digital design, project management, branding, and more, that it's best to call my Bachelor of Fine Art a "creative independent studies" degree. I went digital and bought a Canon 5D and a 100MM 2.8. I started teaching photography on the side. Lindsey Miller Photo

  • 2010 - I received by Masters and I started a business creating content for marketing departments. One of my largest clients was a university, and while working on educational campaigns and event marketing for them, I also taught photography there. 

  • 2013 - I grew the marketing strategy arm of my business and that minimized my time with the content creation side. I bought a new Canon 5D, the Mark III, and photographed my travels, lifestyle, products, and sometimes even for families. 

  • 2016 - My clients became more technology focused, and I slowly stopped photographing for hire - there just wasn't any time. I started teaching photography to teenagers at a nonprofit. 

  • 2018 - I shut down my business and became a full-time marketing employee at a tech startup. I continued to teach at the nonprofit and privately after work, but I grew tired of photographing, and I took a year-long break from it. 

  • 2021 - While remotely working for a major equipment manufacturer, I become well versed in online conferencing, so I started teaching photography online. This outreach ended up enriching my life during a very scary time and helping others do the same. 

  • Present - I focus on balancing my time and energy between my technology marketing career at a Fortune 50 company and my creative personal time photographing and teaching others. I now photograph with a Canon R6 setup and every time I pick it up I am amazed by how different it is from that pinhole camera I built all those years ago.

I hope photography can be something of importance to you as well. If you need help with that, contact me, [email protected]