Photography has always been there for me; a way to learn about my surroundings, art therapy, financial support, a healthy hobby, or a way to connect with my community. 




I am a part-time photography educator, artist, and content creator. Outside of my marketing career, I help King County, Washington residents meet their photography needs. I teach photography at Youth in Focus, and privately to individuals, I shoot for my personal series of work, and photograph for others. 


Photography started as a science experiment during childhood but quickly moved to my favorite medium of art in my teenage years. Throughout college and my early career, it was a great way to financially support myself. Now that I'm in my mid-career, I'm starting to enjoy it as an art form again. 

Lindsey Miller Photo

  • 1998 - My first photographic experience was building a pinhole camera for the 6th-grade science fair. I failed that project, but it sparked something within me that is still burning.  

  • 2001 - In high school, I learned the science of photography by shooting film and printing in a darkroom. I figured out how to make those pinhole images permanent. I was fortunate to shoot with a Canon Elan 7N and always had my 50mm lens on.    

  • 2004 - I had practiced the art of photography, and was in deep. This was the first year that I earned money from my art: a color print photograph of a Venice alleyway and a BW print of a New Orleans windows display. 

  • 2008 - I went digital! I bought a Canon 5D after receiving my BFA. During grad school, I assisted a digital printing studio for gallery artists and digitized a visual resource catalog for my school. My time in NYC is where I learned the art of branding and its influence on commerce. I started teaching photography to Young at Heart communities.

  • 2010 - I started a business supporting marketing departments with content creation, oftentimes that included photography. One of my clients was UTA, and while working on educational campaigns and event marketing, I also taught photography at the university. At UTA I was able to dip my toe in the many facets of photography as a business. It was exciting but I began to overwork myself.

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  • 2013 - My business was doing well and I was gaining exposure to the full gamut of marketing. But being a marketing vendor for many brands with many projects minimized my time with photography. Still, after work, I would take my new Mark III and 100mm lens and photograph my travels, families, and products to continue creating art.  

  • 2016 - My marketing client base became more technology focused and it started taking up more of my time for art. I stopped teaching photography at the university, ramped up teaching privately, and started teaching teenagers at a nonprofit. 

  • 2018 - I shut down my marketing business and entered the full-time employee corporate world. I took a year-long break from photography. I had spent so much time behind the camera, I wanted to live my life in front of the camera for a while. I realized that being overworked was taking a toll on my health.   

  • 2021 - I focus on balancing my time and energy between a marketing career, my photography, teaching others, and plenty of fun and rest. I shoot with an R6 setup and every time I pick it up I am amazed by how different it is from that pinhole camera I built all those years ago.

How I rely on photography will continue to change. I may not rely on it anymore to pay my rent, use as a social crutch, or to gain a competitive advantage for my career, but like any art, it is therapeutic. Photographically creating will remain my way of attempting to make sense of a confusing world. 

I hope photography can be something of importance to you as well. If you need help with that, contact me, [email protected]