"For many years, photography has been an excellent companion. It has helped me navigate through tough times, acted as a channel for my creativity, a business endeavor, and a form of therapy. I trust it will become something equally significant to you."    - Lindsey R. Miller

Lindsey offers private photography lessons to individuals and teaches at Youth in Focus. In addition to teaching, she dedicates time outside of her marketing career to pursue her own personal photography series


  • 1998 - Lindsey's first photographic experience was constructing a pinhole camera for her sixth-grade science fair. Although the images vanished before she could present her project, resulting in an F grade, it ignited a passion for photography that continues to glow within her.

  • 2001 - During her high school years, Lindsey learned the art of photography, delving into film and darkroom techniques. She discovered how to preserve her pinhole camera images. Her camera of choice was a Canon Elan 7N, which she frequently paired with a 50mm lens.

  • 2004 - Her passion for photography had grown so intense that it even surpassed her love for painting. This year marked the first time Lindsey made money from her art: selling a color print of a Venice alleyway and a black-and-white print of a New Orleans window display. She leveraged her photography portfolio to gain admission to art school.

  • 2008 - In college, she amassed a diverse range of credits in photography, digital design, project management, branding, and more, making her Bachelor of Fine Arts akin to a degree in "creative independent studies." Lindsey embraced the digital realm, acquiring a Canon 5D and a 100MM 2.8 lens, and began teaching photography part-time.
    Lindsey Miller Photo

  • 2010 - After earning her Master's degree, Lindsey launched a business specializing in content creation for marketing teams. She secured a university as one of her major clients, developing educational campaigns and marketing for their events. At the same time, she taught photography courses at the university.

  • 2013 - She expanded the marketing strategy division of her business, which reduced her time for content creation. Lindsey purchased a new Canon 5D Mark III and used it to capture her travels, lifestyle, products, and occasionally portraits for hire. 

  • 2016 - As Lindsey's clients shifted towards technology, she gradually ceased her freelance photography due to time constraints. She began instructing teenagers in photography at a nonprofit organization.

  • 2018 - She closed her business to become a full-time marketing employee at a tech startup. Although Lindsey kept teaching at the nonprofit and privately post-work, she eventually grew weary of photography and decided to take a year-long hiatus.

  • 2021 - While working remotely for a major equipment manufacturer, Lindsey became proficient in online conferencing and leveraged her expertise to teach photography online. This endeavor not only enriched her life during a challenging period but also assisted others in doing the same.

  • Present - Lindsey manages her time and energy between her technology marketing role at a Fortune 50 company and her personal creative pursuits, which include photography and teaching. She currently uses a Canon R6 setup, and she's continually astonished by its capabilities, especially when compared to the pinhole camera she constructed decades ago.