Safe-Distanced Outdoor Portrait Sessions

I hosted a handful of safely distant outdoor portrait sessions this fall. By keeping our physical distance and staying outside, we successfully caught magical moments on camera while respecting our collective will to not transmit the virus. Thank you, Canon L Series 100mm lens, pockets of Seattle sun, and families willing to follow CDC protocols.

Lucky for us, we live in a city that is committed to taking care of its parks. Seattle has some of the most gorgeous places to roam. The below images were taken at Magnuson, Hamlin, and Seward Park. We kept at least 10 feet of space between us and kept the session to under 30 minutes. I'm fortunate that I get to know my neighbors in these intimate ways, even during these strange and isolating times. I hope these images bring you as much joy as they brought their respective families and me. 

Stay safe, stay sane, and stay sincere.