Marketing for Abundant Earth Herbals

Pivoting from a physical service space to a virtual product shop is hard. 

This fall, I supported a small business owner on her transformation from an in-person massage business to an online product platform. COVID-19 threw our local small business economy up in the air, forcing many owners to journey into the unknown. Abundant Earth Herbals took on the challenge and even expanded their abilities to soothe their clients from afar. 

The heart of the shop had always been self-care. And while physically being together had become too risky, they could provide their handmade oils, salves, and inhalers to their customers for an at-home, self-care practice. Their unique process is perfect for sensitive skin, like mine. I can not use essential oils directly on my skin, but their herbal oils are different. Abundant Earth Herbals infuse all of their products with the whole herb for the whole benefit of nature.

I had the pleasure of assisting them in building a digital marketing plan and the content to communicate to their customers what they were offering. My goal was to help them create awareness among their target audience and streamline the shopping experience for their customers. I consulted on messaging and branding and created images and videos for their site. A few examples of the outcome are below. 

I highly recommend their oils. I use the rose oil every morning and night on my face, and ginger and arnica oil has become my go-to for massages. If you need a warming oil for your bath, check them out! If you need help with your own pivot, contact me


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