Finding New Rhythms Through COVID-19

I am focused on progressing your business and personal growth without requiring us to be in physical contact. 

There are various ways I can help you meet your goals from the safety of our own homes. I can teach you how to create content for your own marketing needs, receive shipments of your product to safely photograph from afar, or help you grow your customer base through digital marketing. Below is a summary of what I am offering during these challenging times. Peruse each of the three links to learn more and contact me when you're ready to get creative!

Virtual Private Tutoring 

  • Photography: camera, concepts, and techniques
  • Software: Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Webflow, MailChimp, SalesHub, Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Digital Marketing

  • Branding, PR, SEO, Website, Content, Social, Blog, and E-Newsletters

Contactless Photography

  • Product Photography or Venue Photography
  • Outdoor and Distanced Portrait Photography


Examples below:

Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo