"This year, I started selling my herbal products online. Not only did she create stunning photos for me, but she also became my marketing consultant and helped me shape my entire vision, look, and feel for my new brand."

-Kristin R., Seattle, WA


I am now booking for Fall-Winter 2022-23. Please email me to inquire. [email protected] 



For portrait clients, I'm going for candid, colorful, and joyful work. I love how much they gush over their images when they see the final edited batch. 

For product clients, I'm looking to showcase the charm of their product, something to desire. This style works well for food, home goods, and handmade goods. 

I started photographing as a teenager with black and white film and a darkroom. Decades have past since then, but I stick to the basics I learned all that time ago; observe your subject in different lighting, play around with them and the light until its just right, and then don't hold back on the amount of frames when the magic is happening. Somewhere in that stream of images is the one that makes hearts pump and tears build. 

For my personal work, I'm going for whatever I'm in the mood for at the time. My personal work is here.








"Lindsey took family photos of my husband, 5-month-old daughter, and me, and it was a terrific experience! Lindsey was great with our daughter-- she was sensitive to her unpredictable nap schedule. She had us visit some special places in Seward Park and captured many beautiful moments. The photos came out beautifully. We'll definitely be calling Lindsey again!"

-Andrea K., Seattle, WA 


Lindsey Miller Photo

Email me at [email protected] and let me know more about what you're looking for:

  1. What am I photographing? 
  2. How many images are you expecting? ~25? ~200?
  3. Are you after a specific style or look? Professional? Fun?
  4. Where and when do you see this taking place? Outside? Your home?



Family prices start at $325 and is listed on it's link above.

Visit this page for more pricing.

Payments are made with Venmo or Zelle.


"Lindsey is wonderful to work with - we've done 3 photo sessions with her. She is professional, organized, responsive, and makes what can be a fairly stressful situation really pleasant. And her photos are beautiful! I'm so glad we've been able to document my son as he grows. We'll certainly be booking time with her again in a few months."

-Jordan R., Edmonds WA 


POLICIES Lindsey Miller Photo

I am a small business. These rules and boundaries help keep me open and result in happy clients. 

50% Deposit to Book

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the final bill is needed to book your session. Your remaining balance is due upon receiving your image gallery link. 

Inclement Weather

For outdoor sessions, we choose 2-3 dates to set aside for each other. The rule is, if it's nice out, we go out! If not, then we move to the next date. 

2nd+ Reschedulings Have Fees

The first reschedule is not a problem; life is messy. If the same session is rescheduled more than once, there is a $75 rebooking fee each time. This does not include if we have to reschedule for weather.

Refunds are Rare But Happen

If something drastic happens to the purchaser or me, and they or I can not honor the commitment, I will refund partially by subtracting the work that has already been completed. 


All prices are subject to change, especially depending on your specific needs and location. 


Let's get creative!

[email protected]