Biller Baby

These are the glory moments from 4 days spent with a couple and their two week old son.

We hiked, played, bathed, fed, napped, wiggled, but mostly, we laughed and never tired of Byron's exploring eyes. Watching mom and dad play pass the baby while adjusting to life was equally joyful as watching their faces light up when their baby boy yawned or sneezed. Photographing feeding and bath time should be part of every new born session, it's a truly fulfilling experience and now they'll have those memories in artful images for life. There is never a mundane moment in the first year of life, and while I greatly cherish photographing every day life for a new family, my favorite moments were when mom needed a shower, so my hands had a squirmy Byron in them, not a camera. Congratulations Biller family, your little feeding and pooping machine is perfect and loves you back with all his tiny little heart. 


What joyful photos! And why wouldn't they be? Byron's darling and you'll all beautifully in love with each other!
Congratulations on your sweet squirmer, Ashley and Ben!
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