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Pioneer Square Seattle

Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster,

Shooting for hire, for me, and blurred lines, I've only begun to 'pic' at the surface of Pioneer Square. But this historic neighborhood has shown me the right amount of grit and familiarity to keep me entranced. Its wonky and charming, its old world Europe meets new world PNW, and its worthy of a deeper dive. The active small business shops snuggle comfortably into the cobble stone pathways and brick buildings. May folks embrace it as is, instead of 'SLU' it up.



verb, made up

  1. South Lake Union, a neighborhood in Seattle. 

  2. To fuck it up. 




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Seattle Lovebirds

Okay Seattle lovebirds, thank you for a magnificent season. I never expected to be so involved this fall in engagement sessions, but here I am! Its been real, it's been fun, its been real fun - and I'm guessing I won't see y'all again till the weather shapes back up. Unless of course anyone is brave enough to do a shoot in the rain? I'd happily accept the challenge - any takers?! 


Root Yoga

Do you have a happy place in Seattle? May I suggest Root Yoga in Columbia City?

Both the studio's refreshingly simple atmosphere, and the instructors' nourishing sequences, encourage self healing. Amy Brightman, owner of Root, has curated a mindful space, complete with Vinyasa and Restorative classes, weekly, as well as workshops, sporadically. Each time you step into the studio, you'll be encouraged to activate physically, and mentally, honoring your whole self. Check out the schedule here

All Them Dogs

I can not say enough wonderful things about SunstoneFit and their abilities to teach yoga from a foundation perspective. A pose like down dog is not a resting station or just an easy place to start a sequence. It's quite complex and rather hard work, especially if you're activating your body. Their instructors will help you to push, pull, and feel it in all the right places, while maintaining ease and breath. Sunstone taught me down dog, the real one. The tail bone lifting, shoulder and hamstring opening, arm and core activating, neck releasing, spine extending, capital double D, Down Dog. 



Pepper Editing is an admissions consulting firm for graduate-level applications founded by Seth Looper and Christine Abbot. They offer services to assist with the daunting application process. 

The team's strength lies in teaching writing skills to help prepare their clients for graduate school, not just getting into graduate school. Photographing the founders in their library-esque environment, and the nostalgic note card process, was a perfect way to represent the rich academic history that the entire team brings to each applicant. Click here to learn more about the team. 

Peacock Wedding

Kristin and David Peacock, 

You have created something spectacular; from the furthest parts of Fort Worth to the far reaches of Dallas, yours souls collided based on love and you've blended a family based on faith. Thank you for inviting me to witness such a wonderful event. It's an ineffable honor to be trusted and asked to photograph a public announcement of love and dedication (especially, for the one person that knows my shooting style and habits better than anyone else in this world). I wish you all nothing but the best. Your loved ones must feel cherished, for your inner circle is clearly full of patience, kindness, and lots of giggles. 

Cheers to the rest of your lives together! 

Seattle x Dallas

Lindsey Miller Photo SEATTLE branch: in the historic neighborhood Pioneer Square

My new office is right in, what I call, "the gut of Seattle". I'm near the water front, surrounded by old brick buildings and cobblestone paved parks. Small businesses of eateries, book stores, and art galleries create a bustling hood for the good. I work from The Pioneer Collective, a co-working space owned and operated by a wonderful local couple. If you know anyone in the Seattle area hungry for a photographer, now you know one to feed them! And where to find me. 

A big fat thank you to everyone who trusted me with their photography needs in Dallas - you all made life so much sweeter, and you are truly missed. While I am in Dallas, about every 3-4 months, shooting for a few clients and visiting family and friends, Kristin Peacock is now the front woman of LMP Dallas - check her out here. Namaste friends!

This dreamy nook below is where I spend most of my days shooting, editing, teaching, watching the rain, hoping for sun, snacking on fresh salmon, and sharing a beer with my new work family.

Kristin Peacock

I'm proud to announce that Lindsey Miller Photo has not left Dallas, it's in the highly capable hands (and eyes) of Kristin Peacock!

Two years ago Kristin contacted me with great interest in finessing her photography skills through private tutoring. Not long after, she began second shooting for me. I quickly realized she possessed creative talent and professionalism, two great needs for the photo world. When I set out west, Kristin was the one who assured me that my Dallas clients would be serviced with the same quality photography that I had provided them. Working with her has been both a luxury for my business and a personal blessing. Here were are, two years later, continuing our relationship with photography projects of all sizes. While most of the time she's shooting and I'm editing, not a single image gets crafted without both our expertise at work. Two great minds are better than one! I couldn't ask for a better partner in business. Contact us for your photography needs and check out more of her amazing work with LMP here

I   Lindsey Miller    I    817.475.6668    I    I

I  Kristin Peacock   I    214.293.4562    I    I


Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo

Sasa Designs




Shooting for a company that has so many beautiful items is tough, you just want to take everything home with you. Sasa is a handmade lifestyle brand empowering and employing individuals regardless of physical ability or geographic location. They started exclusively with Deaf women in Kenya, now the brand is expanding to work with women and men across the globe who face exceptional physical or geographic challenges in accessing safe, secure and sustainable work. Check them out here. 

Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo Lindsey Miller Photo