Photographing Finger Monsters Helps Me Heal My Childhood Trauma

August 20, 2021
Photographing Finger Monsters Helps Me Heal My Childhood Trauma I visited the eye doctor more frequently than most children because I was born with strabismus. My eyes did not look in the same direction. At two years old, I had surgery on my left eye. For many years after, I patched my right eye to help train the left. My ophthalmologist gave me f...
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Marketing for Abundant Earth Herbals

November 15, 2020
Pivoting from a physical service space to a virtual product shop is hard. This fall, I supported a small business owner on her transformation from an in-person massage business to an online product platform. COVID-19 threw our local small business economy up in the air, forcing many owners to journey into the unknown. Abundant Earth Herbals took...
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Safe-Distanced Outdoor Portrait Sessions

November 12, 2020
I hosted a handful of safely distant outdoor portrait sessions this fall. By keeping our physical distance and staying outside, we successfully caught magical moments on camera while respecting our collective will to not transmit the virus. Thank you, Canon L Series 100mm lens, pockets of Seattle sun, and families willing to follow CDC protocols....
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Finding New Rhythms Through COVID-19

August 01, 2020
I am focused on progressing your business and personal growth without requiring us to be in physical contact. There are various ways I can help you meet your goals from the safety of our own homes. I can teach you how to create content for your own marketing needs, receive shipments of your product to safely photograph from afar, or help you grow...
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A Week in Iceland

March 01, 2020
This time last year I was editing photographs from my Iceland trip. Things have slowed down so much due to the pandemic I am finally able to post those photos. Sometimes blessings come in very scary packages. I have a complicated relationship with traveling. On one hand, air travel is terrible for the environment. On the other hand, I try my best...
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Seattle Needle Knits Love

November 29, 2018
Long live love in Seattle! Tricia said yes at the top of the Needle to Zachariah. It was just as you'd expect it to be, thrilling, romantic, and full of laughter and love. These two gave me the giggles all evening. They could not stop smiling at each other. Zachariah maintained his cool while asking Tricia to marry him, but after she let out a shr...
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Pioneer Square Seattle

January 09, 2018
I've only begun to 'pic' at the surface of Pioneer Square while shooting for hire and personally. This historic neighborhood has shown me the right amount of grit and familiarity to keep me entranced. It's wonky and charming, it's old-world Europe meets new world PNW, and it's worthy of a deeper dive. The active small business shops snuggle comfort...
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Seattle Lovebirds

October 27, 2017
Thank you Seattle lovebirds for a magnificent season. I never expected to be so involved this fall in engagement sessions, but here I am! Its been real, it's been fun, its been real fun. I'm guessing I won't see y'all again till the weather shapes back up? Unless of course anyone is brave enough to do a shoot in the rain? I'd happily accept the cha...
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Healing at Root Yoga

September 06, 2017
Do you have a happy place in Seattle? May I suggest Root Yoga in Columbia City? Both the studio's refreshingly simple atmosphere and the instructors' nourishing sequences encourage self-healing. Amy Brightman, the owner of Root, has curated a mindful space. She hosts Vinyasa and Restorative classes, weekly, as well as workshops, sporadically. Each...
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The Real Down Dog

June 26, 2017
I can not say enough wonderful things about SunstoneFit and its abilities to teach yoga with a foundational perspective. A pose like down dog is not a resting station or just an easy place to start a sequence. It's quite complex and rather hard work, especially if you're activating your body. Their instructors will help you to push, pull, and feel...
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June 17, 2017
Pepper Editing is an admissions consulting firm for graduate-level applications founded by Seth Looper and Christine Abbot. They offer services to assist with the daunting application process. The team's strength lies in teaching writing skills to help prepare their clients for graduate school, not just getting into graduate school. Photographing...
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Peacock Wedding

April 26, 2017
Kristin and David Peacock, Your relationship is something seriously spectacular. From the furthest parts of Fort Worth to the far reaches of Dallas your souls collided in love and you've blended a family based on faith. Thank you for inviting me to witness such a wonderful event. It's an honor to be trusted and asked to photograph a public announc...
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Seattle x Dallas

February 27, 2017
A new SEATTLE branch in the historic neighborhood Pioneer Square My new office is right in what I call "the gut of Seattle". I'm near the waterfront, surrounded by old brick buildings and cobblestone paved alleys. This collection of small business eateries, book stores, home goods, and art galleries creates a bustling neighborhood. I work from The...
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Kristin Peacock

February 14, 2017
I'm proud to announce that my services have not left Dallas, they are in the highly capable hands (and eyes) of Kristin Peacock! Two years ago Kristin contacted me with great interest in finessing her digital media skills through private tutoring. Not long after, she began working for me. I quickly realized she possessed creative talent and profes...
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Sasa Designs: Global Empowerment

December 18, 2016
Shooting for a company that has so many beautiful items is tough, you just want to take everything home with you. Sasa is a handmade lifestyle brand empowering and employing individuals regardless of physical ability or geographic location. They started exclusively with women in Kenya with hearing loss and now the brand is expanding to work with wo...
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