The Most Lovable Dentist Works in Lacey

December 09, 2016
Dr. Carpenter of Lacey Washington runs a tidy yet groovy ship. His patients receive top-notch care, while his team is encouraged to provide a fun atmosphere. The office is pristine, bright, and happy. The staff is equally so. It was a pleasure working with this smiley group!
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Sailing with the Andrews

September 09, 2016
There are three major requirements for living on a boat with your spouse: a love for each other larger than the love of the water generous portions of patience generous portions of puns Sailing Dorothy with the Andrews was a brilliant way to have spent a beautiful Puget Sound day. This adventure showed me that Jerry and Ronda truly enjoy each o...
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To coffee or to tea, that is the question

August 10, 2016
The tea leaves and coffee beans at The Cultured Cup have always been of the highest quality you could find. Now, they have top notch equipment available to brew your caffeine. With so many brands and types of gear out there, schedule a tasting with The Cultured Cup to pick Kyle's and Phil's brain for recommendations. They'll help you put together a...
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Doug Wilks

April 26, 2016
Doug Wilks is the founder and lead director of His 20 years of corporate sales experience make him the perfect candidate to discover, grow, and focus your talent. He's successfully helped start-ups and Fortune 500 companies meet their personal and professional goals. Check him out!
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The Power of Silly

March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I travel with ten of my closest friends, at all times; Gizmo, Petri, CoCo, Ernie, Sylvia, Chip, Dip, Bacon, Garth, and Slinky. They've been around the world with me, and gotten themselves into a perfect amount of trouble. Most of the time, we're rummaging through the garden, or hanging out at a coffee shop. Other times, we're across the country ato...
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Who run the world?

March 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I took a look back at all the businesses I have photographed for, a huge smile ran across my face when I realized most of them were owned by a woman or had a female majority. I have crafted head shots for some very independent females; from ladies who operate their own accounting and law firms, to those running their own retail shops for bath bombs...
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Taste the Adventure

March 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
What happens when the owners of a tea and coffee shop have tried just about every leaf, bean, cup, and infuser out there? You get a very well curated tea and coffee gallery, accompanied by entertaining tales of the culture. Stop by The Cultured Cup to check out the magic for yourself.
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February 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
SunstoneFIT Keller Town Crossing FIRST RIDE FREE
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Taste in Tea

February 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
There are so many ways to enjoy tea, and so many styles of paraphernalia. I encourage you to build your own ritual, based on your own tastes. Gone are the days of only high-noon, English style. Below is an inspiring ensemble, blending old world Japanese with new age pop art and culture. Break free, drink tea!
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Mountain Proposal

January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Up high, 10,000 feet closer to the sky, you think a little clearer, and see a little further. Crested Butte has been a home away from home for both Mason and Alex. And atop that well loved mountain, they saw their futures together, and set a date to be married. No doubt, their fur baby, Moose, will be there in support. Hopefully he doesn't steal th...
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December 24, 2015  •  1 Comment
Katrina reminds us to relish moments and to deeply enjoy the high of life. Alan will teach you to appreciate everything you have. Together they lead by actions not preachings, and are beautiful examples of how not only to commit to your loved one, but cherish the very fact that you have a loved one. I'm so glad to have witnessed these two beings on...
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December 16, 2015  •  1 Comment
Debbie and Andy, from first look to first dance, your lovely wedding brought joy to so many folks. Your laid back, yet elegant, style stayed true and steady throughout the day. It was a glorious and love filled event, and I am honored to have photographed your big day moments. Thank you for being you, and doing you, y'all are a role model couple. C...
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The Good Office

November 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Learn how to purchase The Good Office products to give business training for entrepreneurs in emerging markets, like Rwanda, by visiting - Prepare to feel good! -
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Mariage Freres

November 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Beautiful Tea for Beautiful People All the way from France, some of the top tea in the world, right in Addison, Texas, at The Cultured Cup. They have some luxurious items on the holiday line, ANY tea lover would appreciate these gifts. I don't even recommend waiting till a Holiday, gift it now so you can enjoy this decadent tea the morning of. Ch...
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The Goods

November 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
There were only goods on this fine day, no bads, no uglies. We sipped good tea, tasted good treats, and spoke about good doing. While enjoying tea from The Cultured Cup's Just Desserts collection, and demolishing Bisou Bisou's perfect croissants, two Dallas locals, Julian Mensah and Rebecca Ramos, spoke of young conflict and the importance of role...
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