My services include teaching you how to create content, consulting you on your content creation process, or creating the content on your behalf. They are all different. How?


Consider how hands-on I need to be for each: 

  • Teaching - You create the content. I private tutor you on digital photography or Adobe and Microsoft software. 
  • Consulting - We co-create the content. Using your business as a live case study, we co-plan, co-analyze, and co-tweak. 
  • Creating - I create the content. First, I consult with your team and make a plan. Second, I create the content with many iterations. 


Consider how much time I need to invest in each:

  • Teaching - One 60-minute lesson with minimal communication to schedule the lessons. 
  • Consulting - Two 50-minute sessions plus research and a few follow-ups in between the sessions. 
  • Creating - Three hours minimum; researching, brainstorming, constant communicating, and many alterations. 

Interested in knowing how I got into doing all three? Read my About Me page. 


Let's get creative!

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