"Lindsey gets the big picture and approaches issues systemically - not as a bunch of unrelated pieces. She listens well and is articulate and direct."

-Alice S., Private Business Owner, Seattle, WA. 





I listen, I advise, and I keep you accountable - this is how I help you get closer to your business goals while staying true to your mission. This requires time in conversations, asking guiding questions, thinking about your needs, co-planning, and co-creating actionable steps. You can call it consulting, coaching, research, therapy - whatever you want - but the point is, I dedicate time for your business and personal growth needs. 



Business Growth

  • Marketing, Branding, and Mission Building

  • Communication Plans and Content Strategy

  • Audience Segmentation and Customer Journey

  • SEO Best Practices and PR Plans

  • Account Based Marketing / Sales Alignment

Personal Growth

  • Portfolio building/telling your story

  • Gaining PR for yourself

  • Marketing your art

  • Gaining an audience/revenue growth 

  • Mission building


"Lindsey jumped right in and guided me with easy and practical steps to get my new business started. She helped me streamline everything from my mission statement to my tagline to my product description so that it was all genuine and enticing! Most importantly she helped me create a cohesive and authentic experience for the customers that visit my online store."

-Kristin R., Private Business Owner, Seattle, WA. 




Please email me at [email protected] to let me know:

  • what subject do you want help with

  • your preferred days and times to meet



  • $145 ($165) for two 50-minute sessions. Your goals and needs will determine the time between the sessions and the deliverables. 

I use Teams by Microsoft for online lessons. If you prefer Zoom, you are welcome to send the invite from your account. 

All payments are made with Venmo or Zelle. 


"Lindsey possesses the right combination of patience, communication skills, and industry knowledge, coupled with an easy-going demeanor. I look forward to working with her again in the future."

-Jonathan B, Private Business Owner, Dallas, TX.



I am a small business and cannot maintain the cost of doing business without the below rules.  These boundaries help keep me open and keep most of my clients happy and growing. 

3rd Reschedulings Have Fines

The first two reschedulings are not a problem - life is messy! Please let me know as soon as you can. But, if you request to reschedule the same consultation a third time, there is a $25 fee due at the time of rescheduling. 

Pre-Purchased Consultation(s) Have a 4-Month Expiry

Any incomplete consultation(s) will be forfeited by the purchaser 4 months from the payment date of the consultation(s). Example: If you bought a consultation(s) on August 1st, 2018, it must be completed by Dec 1st, 2018.

Refunds are Rare But Happen

If something drastic happens to the purchaser or me, and they or I can not honor the commitment, I will refund partially by subtracting the consultation we did do together. 


All prices are subject to change, especially depending on your specific needs and location. 


Let's get creative!

817.475.6668  [email protected]