Fort Worth Born. NYC Grad. Seattle Based.

Photography is a small but joyful portion of my business. I spend most of my time managing content creators, strategizing digital marketing, and educating digital media in Seattle. My creative career has evolved greatly over the last decade. Even though it is part-time, photography has always been (and will remain) a welcomed and constant practice. 


Below is a timeline of a few shaping moments throughout my creative career: 


  • 1998 - My first experience at combining science and art was building a pinhole camera for the science fair. I failed that project but it sparked something within me that is still burning.  


  • 2004 - I made my first year of income from my creations: a color print photograph of a Venice alleyway and a published essay about the word 'pestilence' from the book The Plague. 


  • 2008 - I received my undergraduate degree, freelance photographed, and assisted a digital printing studio. My time in NYC is where I learned the art of branding and its influence on commerce.


  • 2010 - After receiving my graduate degree, I went back to Dallas to start my own business supporting marketing departments. A new love blossomed; project managing and building content databases.


  • 2013 - Consulting for the marketing departments of Four Seasons, Yum! Brands, and the Department of HUD grew my love for campaign creation and strategizing the channels and content.


  • 2016 - I opened a new location for my business in Seattle and dedicated my time to west coast clients, multi-channel marketing, and brand management. 


  • 2018 - I threw myself into the world of B2B technology marketing and found yet another love of helping businesses align sales and marketing with account based marketing for SaaS products.


  • 2020 - While continuing on my B2B SaaS marketing path, I'm upskilling myself with my second grad degree, Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington. 


Beyond the 2D World

Board games, cooking, and comedy are other arts I enjoy. When combined with bourbon and friends, I'm in my happy place.


The Art That Has My Heart is Education

I am a mentor and teaching artist at Youth in Focus. Please consider volunteering or donating to this wonderful organization that enriches budding young artists' lives. We supplement public schools' lack of well-funded art programs with safe, creative spaces for teens who would otherwise graduate high school without being able to take art. 


Among my many roles at UTArlington, teaching digital media was one of them. My classes ranged from beginning content creation skills all the way to advanced Adobe software, portfolio critique, and the business of art. I only left teaching this University because I moved to Seattle. I would love to teach at a University again, someday.


Let's get creative!

817.475.6668  [email protected]