Lindsey Miller Photo | About

Fort Worth native, turned NYC grad. 

I have a Masters in Digital Photography from SVA. I, officially, started my business in Dallas in 2009, and opened up a west coast location in 2016. Seattle is home base; location of my office, and mostly where I shoot. I work in tandem with Kristin out of DFW and Michelle out of the Bay Area, to service clients outside of the PNW.   

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Beyond 2D, performance art. 

I believe that board games and live comedy are the greatest forms of art. Combine either with fancy schmancy master brewed beers and whiskeys, that is my happy place. 

I am a mentor and teaching artist at Youth in Focus. Please consider volunteering or donating to this wonderful organization that enriches budding young artists' lives by supplementing public school's lack of well-funded art programs. 

I taught digital photography at UTArlington from 2010-2015, from beginning camera skills all the way to advanced Lightroom and Photoshop integration. I only left teaching this University because I moved to Seattle, I would love to teach at a University again, someday.