Fort Worth Born. NYC Grad. Seattle Based.

I understand the power of content on an intimate level, both psychologically and aesthetically.

I started creating it early in my life as a teenager (painting, photographing, and writing). I took my skills to the digital realm in my undergrad and learned graphic design, web design, and coding. In grad school, I concentrated on marrying branded and storytelling content into certain channels to persuade audiences for commerce. In 2010 I moved into managing content and implementing it. 

Today, I spend most of my time strategizing communications regarding decision science, running digital marketing campaigns, and educating all of the above. Photography is still a small but joyful portion of my business. 


Below is a timeline of a few shaping moments throughout my career: 


  • 1998 - My first experience combining science and art was building a pinhole camera for the science fair. I failed that project, but it sparked something within me that is still burning.  


  • 2004 - This was my first year earning income from my creations: a color print photograph of a Venice alleyway and a published essay about the word 'pestilence' from the book The Plague. 


  • 2008 - After receiving my undergraduate degree, I assisted a digital printing studio and digitized a visual resource library. My time in NYC is where I learned the art of branding and its influence on commerce.


  • 2010 - After receiving my graduate degree, I went back to Dallas to start my own business supporting marketing departments. A new love blossomed assisting UTArlington's business development arm; project managing and building content databases.


  • 2013 - Consulting for the marketing departments of Four Seasons, Yum! Brands, and the Department of HUD grew my love for campaign creation and strategizing the channels and content. In addition, I learned a new skill, marketing inventory and analyzing ROIs. 


  • 2016 - I opened a new location for my business in Seattle and dedicated my time to west coast clients. These projects were mostly related to content creation, multi-channel marketing, and brand management while learning what analytics to set up and track to tweak the next campaign. 


  • 2018 - I threw myself into the world of B2B technology marketing and practiced more skills - helping businesses align sales and marketing with ABM for SaaS products and customer success story implementation.


  • 2020 - While continuing on my B2B SaaS and digital transformation marketing path, I'm upskilling myself with my second grad degree. There I work with marketing professionals worldwide to gain a better understanding of how buyer behavior has changed drastically in the last decade. 



Let's get creative!

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