Lindsey Miller Photo | woman owned small biz

Partial trades, and other creative specials are always an option for women identifying, non-binary, LGBTQ, or other minority small business owners who are not able to invest heavily in professional photography.

Whether you're in need of product photography, headshots, or an entire marketing data base of images, let's come up with a plan to give you a boost out there. I know first hand what it's like to have judgement on my skills, or to not have opportunity for my business, based on the deck of cards I was dealt.

Fare Reduced Offers
Trade a certain amount off your final bill for your services and/or your products. Example: a massage therapist took $100 off her final bill for trade with an hour massage (market value) with her.

Split the session with someone else that is also in need of images. Example: A coworking space and a design team needed action shots for use on their sites. All images were able to be used by all parties.

Sliding Scale Modeled Minimums: $240-$400
$60-100/hr for all work completed. A 1 hour shoot typically takes 3 additional hours editing, scheduling, traveling, etc.
InsideMy StudioOutsideInside - Approval NeededMy StudioOutsideInside - Approval NeededMy StudioMy Studio -After 5 or weekends only