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What if a professional photographer was looking for a wedding photographer - what would they be looking for? Here are my questions, and my own answers to them. 





Does their portfolio show any reception images or photographs taken with flash, like during the toasts, or dancing? If no, this is a red flag! Make sure your photographer can do this, ask for images via email, if there are no examples on their site. Chances are, half your big day is in tough lighting situations and you should be confident that your photographer can handle it. Yes, I show reception & flash photos, scroll down in this gallery

Do their images show emotion? The point to hiring a professional, is to get all the candid moments photographed, while they're happening. Yes, you'll want some where you're smiling at the camera, but all those small moments in between that aren't on your list, those are the tear jerkers. A photographer should know how to wait for, and capture these moments.   

Do they take a hefty deposit? Good! This means they're busy, working, and need to carve out time for you. It shows dedication, good business practices and common sense. I typically take a $675 deposit - $800 on holiday weekends. 

Are they charging over $1,500? Good! Again, this means they know how much work it takes to shoot all day for you, know their equipment like the back of their hand, and then edit for weeks. They value their time and in turn, value your images. My pricing is listed in the main gallery. Pricing is dependent not just on the amount of hours they're shooting, but mostly how much editing will be involved later on, plus the use of equipment, and overhead on the business. 

Are they willing to speak with you, upon your immediate interest in their service? I prefer to talk, at least over the phone, once someone is interested in having me as their wedding photographer. I have so many questions for you, and I want to get to know you. I'd rather us speak, and realize we're not on the same page, early on in the process. 

What makes me different than other wedding photographers? 

I only photograph 1 wedding a month. This formula allows me to concentrate on one couple at a time. I can take my time editing and enjoy the entire process without it becoming a factory output. The rest of the month I shoot for commercial clients and teach photography, which helps me become a well rounded photographer, with tons of industry knowledge. No matter the situation, I can problem solve it, and shoot it beautifully. 
I edit my own images with a timeless style and professional tools. I deliver your images, storyboarded and retouched with care. I do not send them off to a stranger to edit. That stranger has no idea what my intentions were during shooting, or who you are as a couple. They will not edit them as well, or as catered to you, as I can. I do not put instagram filters on your images, you are welcome to, but I deliver them to you with a timeless look to them in both color and BW. I want you to look back at your images in 20-50 years and STILL enjoy them, not wonder "why did we think that looked good?". 
I travel, frequently, for shoots & destinations weddings. If you're ever in the market for a photographer that is willing to hike to a summit for an engagement shoot, stay in the airbnb with the wedding party for your destination wedding, or do partial trades of services for exotic travels, I'm your gal!