Digital Visual Presence is a necessity, not an option. We live in a visual age, your business needs to have an aesthetically pleasing presence online and offline. I provide photographic material for your website, social networking pages, promotional print materials and even publications. Stock imagery is noticeable and dull, it is not customized to your particular style and service. I engulf myself in your brand and in your market to make sure I'm producing visual material that will make a difference. Other than photographing, I also ease workflow by organizing your images in galleries on my site that can have password and download capabilities. I work on-one-one with anyone from your team, whether it's you, a small business owner, or your website and marketing gurus (I can connect you to some web and marketing gurus if you're looking!). 

Product: The money shots of what you're selling, so you can sell more. 

Headshots: Group and individual photographs of the folks running the show. 

Facility: Interior and exterior shots, and the little details, showing off your store front or your work space, in all it's glory. 

Active Environment: Events, organizations, festivities, or anything showing the world your interaction with the community. 

Marketing Projects: Holiday specials, rebranding announcements, or new product lines that need attention.

Publications: When you get that special shout out in the paper or magazine and need a special image.