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I've listed a few example projects below with example pricing. Please visit each link for more details or email your needs for an estimate.

Business Launch Campaign $1299
Small Business Mixed Images $699
Infographic Creation $399
Family Portraits $299
Headshot Session $199
Content Consulting $145
Private Tutoring $60

For an estimate:

1. What am I photographing?
2. How many images are you expecting?
3. Are you after a specific style or look?
4. Where and when do you see this taking place?

Minimum: $199 - Each photo session requires traveling, expertise, editing, equipment upkeep, invoicing, continuing education, overhead, and communications.

Digital Marketing:
1. What is your business?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. What channels will you use for the campaign?
4. When is your due date for the project?

Minimum: $399 - Each content or campaign creation requires researching, strategizing, creating, editing, invoicing, overhead, continuing education, and communications.

Let's get creative!
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