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These headshots were taken at various locations around Pioneer Square. Notes are below each image for certain specifications. This is an ever changing neighborhood. Email me your thoughts and needs, so I can tailor the shoot to how the square stands today. I office near by, we'd have a space to meet, leave items behind, use of private bathroom, and various beverages to share.

$295 base (Pioneer Square only): Includes 3 final edited images (of your choice from ~14 options), use of natural lighting, one dress option, one background option (guaranteed). All final images will be fully retouched and come in both color and B&W as high resolution jpegs.
  • +$45 for an extra final image, if you decide you want more upon viewing your gallery
  • +$85 change in outfit &/or background, 2 additional final files will come with your 2nd outfit &/or background.
  • +$95 lighting set up, might need for indoors or dark hours.
InsideInside - Approval NeededInside - Approval NeededInside - Approval NeededInside - Approval NeededInsideInsideOutsideOutsideOutsideOutside - must order drinksInside - must buy a ticket to go upOutsideMy OfficeMy OfficeMy OfficeMy OfficeMy OfficeMy Office -After 5 or weekends onlyMy Office -After 5 or weekends only