Lindsey Miller Photo | Pricing


For an estimate, please email me your details: 

1. What am I photographing? 

2. How many images are you expecting?

3. Are you after a specific style or look?

4. Where, and when, do you see this taking place?

5. What is your budget?


It. Takes. Time.

Commercial Minimums:     $395 Portraits    $495 Products    $595 Mixed Marketing

For every one hour I'm shooting, there is a wealth of back end work; scheduling, scouting, traveling, setting up, breaking down, sifting, editing, uploading, invoicing, accounting, equipment upkeep, office bills, and more.

For smaller budgets, consider splitting the session with someone else that has similar needs & style, or perhaps your situation is applicable to these specials that I offer.


Marketing stills & video start at $265/hr

Product Only  stills & video start at $225/hr

Headshot starts at $295 at my office or $395 off-site or lighting needed

Education  $90/ 90 min lesson

Corporate Event Photography is $225/hr

Personal Event Photography is $195/hr

Family Sessions start at $395