Lindsey Miller  l  Dallas, TX  817.475.6668  [email protected]



2008          Bachelor of Fine Arts   School of Visual Arts NYC

2009          Master in Professional Studies   School of Visual Arts NYC



2008          Mentors   School of Visual Arts Gallery, NYC (Chelsea)

2009          Surface Tension   School of Visual Arts Gallery, NYC (Midtown)

2015          Self Portrait Selfies  l  Fort Work Art Gallery (Dallas, TX)

2015          Self Portrait Selfies  l  DJCC TASTE (Dallas, TX)



2012          NYLO Hotel   Dallas, TX

2012          Vaquero Club   Westlake, TX

2013          Davis Dental   Bedford, TX



2010          Photography Instructor   University of Texas at Arlington

2013          Workshop Host   Lindsey Miller Photo



Lindsey Miller, a Dallas, TX born and based artist, concentrates in the photographic medium to situate her viewers in the gray. With a variety of subjects from hunting to self portraits, she presents both the yen and yang, creating both friction and evidence, to demote the absolute. Lindsey’s blended aesthetic and damning undertones are influenced by the moods of early Dutch still life painters and the natural world point-of-views from Alessandra Sanguinetti and Roxy Paine. She is in her 13th year of photography and had the luxury of first learning in a dark room in high school. Lindsey completed her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, in 2008 and in 2009 received her Masters. She has pieces installed in businesses all over Dallas, including the NYLO south side and Dallas Fort Work. Lindsey continues to find unresolved topics, suggesting to viewers to seek comfort in the uncomfortable, while not forgetting to allow discomfort from with which you’ve become so comfortable.