In order to have the ease while shooting, there are many things we must do behind the scenes to ensure successful shoots and a great business. It's time consuming, costly, stressful and totally worth it  to see the smiles on your face once you see how well your photographs look. Here is a sneak peak into that world that you may never see but wonder about why things take a certain amount of time or cost a certain way. 


Professional Quality Equipment that we purchase, maintain and update so that you have the best images possible:

  • Cameras 
  • Lenses 
  • Computers 
  • Software 
  • Harddrives 
  • Memory Cards
  • Lighting Equipment
  • $7,000.00 (the average cost of one complete professional set up from above) This does not include the website fees, batteries, paper, printer, internet, insurance, electricity or other office necessities to run a photography business. 


The Before Shoot steps that a photographer takes even before they photograph:

  • equipment check
  • equipment pack
  • equipment rental
  • equipment set up
  • calls, emails, web work to connect with customers to book a session
  • 2 hours (the average time the above takes per photography session) This does not include the time a photographer takes to shop for props, scout locations, watch the weather, stay up to date on blogs or maintain legal status in any adventure. 


The After Shoot steps a photographer takes once the photographs have been taken:

  • Equipment pack
  • Equipment Check
  • Download images to computer
  • Edit images on computer
  • Upload images to destination
  • calls, emails, web work to connect with customer to make sure they are happy
  • Prepare the files for final product
  • Take and complete orders for final product
  • Ship final product out
  • 6 hours (the average time the above takes for a 1.5 hour session) This does not include the time a photographer takes to learn their craft, better their creativity or come up with unique styles and ideas. 


For every hour a photographer shoots, there is an entire day's worth of work to do outside the shoot. 

For every photographic session, there is about $7,000 worth of equipment used. 

We do photography because we love it, this page is just to prove to you how much we love it, despite its time consuming and costly ways.