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Happiness is when the beer you drink at the end of the day is the most complex thing about the day. 

I'm Lindsey Miller, visual problem solver through photography and video. I have a Masters in Digital Photography from SVA in NYC. I am based out of Seattle, but travel frequently for work, especially Dallas. I geek out on tea, produce, color, nintendo, and sci-fiction. 

The majority of my clients are small business owners, but also large business, and monkey business. I'm an experience professional marketing photographer, I do more than artfully create your images with your brand and intent (which is key). I also help manage your files, and communicate with your brand specialists, or web builder, making sure I'm producing photos and videos that meet your needs.

It might surprise you to know that I prefer to chat on the phone or meet in person, you'll inspire me just by talking about yourself and/or your company or project. Look forward to creating with you!