I teach photography: Cameras, Lightroom, Photoshop, Studio Set Up & Portfolio Development

All levels, and all cameras, welcome! Consider me your mini photo school & studio; a private guide to all things photography.

 Please call me at 817.475.6668 or email me for questions & scheduling.


Private Lessons: 

Online lessons are available. 

Working togetherWorking togetherLindsey Miller Photo

Single Private Lesson: 1.0 hr  $60  at my office or online

Single Private Lesson: 1.5 hr  $85  at my office or online

Set of Lessons:   2, 1.5 hr   $165  at my office or online

Set of Lessons:   3, 1.5 hr   $240  at my office or online

Set of Lessons:   4, 1.5 hr   $300  at my office or online



Group Classes in Pioneer Square, Seattle 

 100 South King Street #100 Seattle WA 98104


No upcoming classes...

check back for dates to be posted or create one for yourself by contacting me :)




WORKSHOPS: Private, Corporate, & University

These can be custom created to your groups need. 





What makes me different:
I'm a professional photographer and a professional educator, I posses both the knowledge of the field by practicing it everyday but also teach it at a near by university. I'm available via email & text with my current students. I can give assignments and look at them before our session, to help you practice and see your progress, which you'll see after our first lesson. I also have ready to share equipment with you if you'd like to see what a different lens would look like or how strobes are set up.

My tips for you:
I recommend 1.5 hour sessions (10% off) they are the perfect amount of time to fully understand the lesson and have time for practice and questions, but they are not too much time to overwhelm the brain. It usually takes a total beginner 4 - 1.5 hour lessons to start seeing the bigger picture, pun intended. Always make sure your camera is fully charged and you've got lots of space on your memory card to play and practice. Don't stress out, have fun, I'm here for you!

My background:
I have a Master's in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, New York and a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Photography. My specialty is in the Commercial (Portrait and Product) with a dash of experience in the Fine Arts field. My clients range from small business owners who need store front and product shots to large corporations with hundreds of employees that need head shots. I have logged over 100 hours with Wyzant, a nation wide tutoring company and double that teaching photography at the University of Texas at Arlington. 
 Click here for ratings and testimonials on my private tutoring!  I can travel all over, please call or email to schedule a PT session


Typical Lesson Guide
VERY BEGINNER: You do NOT need a camera for our first lesson, you can use mine, or we might even meet at a camera shop to go over all your options for purchasing. Learning about photography and renting cameras first, is an intelligent way to find out what you want in equipment before you purchase it. 

BEGINNER: We'll go over all the buttons on your camera and the foundation of how to take a well exposed image with your camera. Then we'll  advance into focusing and composition. 

INTERMEDIATE: Do you really understand depth of field? You know it doesn't just have to do with Aperture, right? Let's practice with distances and lenses. OR, let's move on to Software, Lightroom is my recommendation. Already using LR? Do you know where the Catalog file is on your computer? Do you let LR rename your files upon importing? OR, would you like to get into flash or studio strobes?

ADVANCED: Let's take your work to a new level. Perhaps you should work on a series, get prints, learn how to get published, or finesse your lighting and editing skills?


Doing a lesson at my office in Pioneer Square?

My office is 100 South King St #100 Seattle WA 98104 on the corner of 1st and King street with street entrance off King. I office out of The Pioneer Collective, a co-working space. Please fill free to arrive early and do not feel bad about being bit late, I always give 15 minutes of wiggle room before and after for your lesson. 



Travel fees are subject to anywhere outside a 40 min commute or with tolls & high parking fees.  

All major credit cards and cash (discount given) accepted. No personal checks.