Professional photographer for small business, large business, and monkey business. Shooting lifestyle marketing photography for products, services, and venues since 2009.  I'm based in Seattle, but also service Dallas, San Fransisco, Portland, Crested Butte, and more. 


I freelance commercial shoot, consult for in-house photography studios, show work in spaces, and teach photography. I have a Masters in Digital Photography from SVA in NYC. I travel often for work, especially to Dallas and San Fransisco, but Seattle is my home, and the location of my office and studio. 

The majority of my clients are small business owners, like myself, looking for web content of their product, service, venue, or staff. I typically work with boutique shops, offices, and eateries; coffee & tea stores, yoga & fitness studios, catering companies, bakeries, handmade good sellers, interior designers, or dentists. 

Occasionally, I work with large companies like law firms, chain eateries, venture capitalists, or real estate companies. I happily accept the challenge of hundreds of headshots or catalog needs. 

Then there are those brave and creative souls who hire me to shoot their portraits or events. I've hiked to a bird sanctuary for an eloping, sailed the sound for anniversary portraits, and created a living room in studio for a dogs-are-our-babies family session. 

I teach photography to budding young artist all the way to professionals (yup, so many people FALL into the field and don't actually know what they're doing). More on that here. 

It might surprise you to know that I prefer to chat on the phone or meet in person. You will inspire me just by talking about yourself, your company, or your project.  I look forward to creating with you!

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